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Plays for Stages

Below is a complete list of plays I’ve written for the stage, not including the short works created for Too Much Light Makes The Baby Go Blind. Please email for production inquiries.


The Man Who Was Thursday (adaptation, from the novel by G.K. Chesterton)

10+ Characters 
In Victorian England, poet-turned-detective Gabriel Syme infiltrates London’s secret society of fiendish anarchists, led by the enigmatic and monstrous Sunday. But as he delves deeper into the chaotic world of these villains, he discovers that very little is as it seems.


4 Characters
Nick, Mercy, and Abel meet for drinks on the eve of their office Christmas party to revisit and confess their activities of the previous year, when they methodically took revenge on their formerly tyrannical boss despite his change of heart.

Vox Pandora

5 Characters 
Hope, the last denizen of Pandora’s Box, has been passed down from generation to generation of mothers and daughters, continuing to produce tiny artworks related to hope in the world at large. When she is coaxed out of her vessel by an ambitious politician, she sees an opportunity to bring about real good in the world…but also learns the world’s capacity to damage her like it never could before.


4 Characters 
Figure A is compelled to invent a machine without knowing what it will do. Figures B, C, and D proceed to inspire, berate, and educate him while delivering a series of true historical cases in order to prove that one of the key components of innovation is insanity.

In The Eye of Ivan (unproduced)

10 Characters (7 actors) 
After the work was completed on Moscow’s magnificent Cathedral of St. Basil, Ivan the Terrible had the architects blinded to prevent them from ever again producing a work of such majesty. Thirty years later, the two men reunite to design an addition to their masterpiece, but find that the passage of time may have worn their friendship down in ways they never expected.

Gone Cold (unproduced)

4 Characters 
Ten years ago, retired celebrity baseball player Benito Fuentes was acquitted of the brutal murder of his wife after a much-publicized trial that played out in both the media and public opinion. Now, the case is being dredged up again to torment him, but this time salvation arrives in the bizarre form of a man willing to confess to the crime as a sort of spiritual act.

Short Plays

The Opening

3 Characters 
Webster Nance, a Department of Defense drone, with the help of his friend Juliana from the Library of Congress, raises from the depths of time an ancient, defeated god of war in the hopes of acquiring its power for his own purposes. But the god is not without its own cunning, and works to turn the tables on its captor.

Reading Habits of the Drowned Novelist

3 Characters 
As a birthday present, Fiona builds a time machine for her roommate Karyn, capable of traveling to moments after Karyn’s favorite author had drowned in his bathtub. With Karyn’s fiance Paul in tow, the three find themselves hashing out, once and for all, the love triangle that exists between them.

A Determination (Mixed Media)

3 Characters 
An elementary school art teacher draws a school nurse and guidance counselor into the web of her paranoia, believing that she can see the future crimes of her young students by studying the patterns in their early artwork.

And Small Bites of Beast

2 Characters 
Claude offers to give up meat for his lover, Violet, who turns his final such meal into an erotic event out of gratitude. Simultaneously, she relates to the audience the story of the most profound thing she ever sacrificed for a lover, and why.

The Short Straw

2 Characters 
Two brothers, both low-level members of a criminal outfit, prepare to go through a horrifying ordeal as one has been ordered to execute the other.

The Final Night of the First Intention

2 Characters 
Moments after the end of a disastrous date, a young woman finds her mother sitting alone on the beach, looking at their boat out in the water, where her father has apparently snuck away to carry on an affair with the neighbor. As they wait for the boat to return, the mother tells the story of the first boat that her family owned, and how its fate changed the course of her family’s life.

A Dying Hour

6 Characters 
Edgar Allan Poe, wracked with illness, lies delirious in a Baltimore gutter. He is visited by the ghosts of all the characters he had murdered in his stories, demanding audience and offering to hear his repentance before he himself passes away.


2 Characters 
Jared is considered the greatest actor of his generation, and Natalie is a producer trying desperately to convince him to sign on to what will surely be a great film. Jared remains reticent, and a battle of wills ensues between the two of them.

Dawn’s Lover

3 Characters 
An astronaut and a ground control technician consider the waning moments of their romance in the hours before the astronaut prepares to embark on a year-long assignment in space.


5 Characters 
A hapless and headless telemarketer explains the series of events and the encounter with a lonely old Gypsy woman that left him in his current state.

Staring Contest, or The Enemy in Orange

2 Characters 
Set during the fearful months after 9/11, Casey tells the story of how her cousin Dare, an otherwise rational man, slowly begins to suspect that his goldfish is in league with terrorists.

The Quarter Past Midnight

1 Character 
On New Year’s Eve, Ike waits for a package delivery on an empty parking garage and tells the story of how he got involved with the enterprise and how an impossible decision awaits him once the job is completed.

After The Rock Left

5 Characters 
Scissors and Paper attempt to make sense of their isolated world after Rock inexplicably departs. The dynamic that results has dire consequences for all three of them.

Requiem for the Boogeyman

2 Characters 
A medical practitioner offers a solemn story of her experiences entering the field of health care just as the AIDS epidemic began to rage mercilessly throughout America.

Thin Air

3 Characters 
Three friends are beset upon by an unusual deluge of weight-oriented marketing from their television set, leading them to all examine their relationships to their body images and self-worth.

A Portrait of Small Scars

2 Characters 
Two estranged roommates reunite after one of them is randomly attacked late at night in Central Park. They attempt to reconnect as best they can under the circumstances, but too much may have happened in the intervening period to ever make such a bridge possible.

By Example

2 Characters 
A misguided, emotionally stunted father puts his son through an awkward male bonding ritual in a disturbing effort to make his son more of a man. The confrontation that occurs brings up years of pain and disappointment.

Lost and Found

4 Characters 
At a Manhattan apartment party, a novelist meets with a trophy wife while she makes plans to leave her boorish, difficult husband. The instant connection between them leads, briefly, to the possibility of something more and the understanding that such possibilities never existed in the first place.

The Vanishing Act

4 Characters 
A long-planned road trip between four college friends falls apart when one of them experiences a mental breakdown, related to witnessing, but failing to prevent, a child’s kidnapping.

A Good Excuse

2 Characters 
The morning after a one-night stand, Raoul fails to gracefully and quietly depart, leading Lena to ask him why he’s leaving. When his excuse is deemed insincere and uninteresting, he is taken captive at gunpoint until he can produce a better story for her.

Home Security

3 Characters 
A seemingly perfect married couple is awoken from their slumber in the middle of the night when an intruder breaks into their house and drunkenly reveals himself as a man that the wife had an affair with some months prior. The calm of their lives shattered, the two resolve to find some solution that will at least let them get back to sleep.

Feldman’s Shadow

5 Characters 
Charlie, an office worker, is haunted by the persisting shadow of his co-worker Feldman, who passed away weeks prior from complications due to AIDS.

Fading Echo

4 Characters 
So crushingly poor that their apartment is being repossessed an object at a time, Fenton and Lara consider an option to have Lara cloned into a series of advanced sex dolls. The discussion that ensues slowly tears the two of them apart.


3 Characters 
Talented stage magician Wesley is visited by his former assistant Iris on the night before she expects him to commit suicide onstage, based on a note he wrote to her many years prior.

 A Greater Gravity

8 Characters 
A pair of divorcees retreat to the woods, hoping to find themselves in nature and escape their work and love lives. All of these intentions vanish abruptly when, in the middle of the night, a parachutist suddenly plummets into their campsite with his chute un-pulled.

One-Minute Plays


The Pebble

Lucille and Lefty Meet Their Maker

Men of God, Gods of Men

No. 12 By Way of Explanation


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