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That whirring sound you hear in the background.

An observation stolen from my friend John’s LiveJournal this morning:

I just thought of something–maybe the Supreme Court’s gay sex ruling is what killed Strom Thurmond.

While the passing of Strom Thurmond is not something I cheer–it takes a special variety of bastard [1] to get me to cheer a human death, I admit that I do keep feeling guilty flashes of satisfaction, especially in that not only did Thurmond die shortly after the monumental Lawrence v. Texas decision on sodomy, but also shortly after the Grutter v. Bollinger, et. al. decision on affirmative action. Perhaps the old crank just couldn’t take them both at once.

And while it’s crass and tactless to say this, I can’t help but think to myself, “Now that he’s in the grave, ladies and gentlemen, let’s see how many times we can make him spin in it.”

[1] (footnote removed and returned to the privacy of my mind’s dark corners)

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This entry was posted on June 27, 2003 by in Obituary, Politics.
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