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Caffoenix Update

Project Rockstar informed me on Saturday night that there was an unspecified falling out between Caffoenix’s guitarist, Ms. Thecla Winch, and the drummer, Linc Neill. The argument was allegedly irreconcilable enough that I had to choose one of these two to get the boot. I ended up siding with Thecla, who is a much better guitarist than Linc was a drummer, and who demands much less money for that talent, so as of this morning, Linc’s out of the band.

The group was at that moment involved in an intense, five-week practice session, so my assumption is that, like other bands before them, this argument was the result of sex gone sour. Whether or not Thecla hopped bandmates, like Grace Slick or Stevie Nicks, I can’t tell–but whatever happened, I don’t think Linc and Thecla have any love left to lose.

Have hired 31 year-old drummer and rhythm guitarist Murdoch Overbury, of St. Austell, to replace Neill. The band has enough songs at this moment to only record half an album; hopefully they’ll have a good second half.

Current music: MP3 list, XTC, “Ballet for a Rainy Day”


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This entry was posted on June 23, 2003 by in Games, Music.
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