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And if you can find them, maybe you can hire…

Okay, I don’t really need the A-Team, but I do need somebody who might be able to salvage a hard drive from my poor dead computer.

Some time ago, in an entry I can’t locate at the moment, I mentioned that the slow death of my last computer left me without several pieces of playwriting, essays, and short fiction; but that I only truly missed two or three items. One of these was an essay titled One Flew East, One Flew West, which was a critical analysis of the differences between One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, the film and novel. Another was a myth I’d written for my girlfriend.

The latter I knew my girlfriend had a hard copy of, so if I wish to retype it I have that option. The former, I found a hard copy of this Sunday while searching through and sorting the hundreds upon hundreds of sheets of paper that I’ve accumulated since junior high.

Here’s where the twist comes. I was actually searching for a play titled Lower Temperatures, Higher Degrees, which I’d originally written as part of my play cycle You Can Find Your Own Way Out. This “lost” seventh play was never performed, due to time issues and due to at least a few quality issues. However, while pondering which of my scripts I should work or revise next, I suddenly flashed back to Lower Temperatures and had an epiphany on a way to revise it. The problem, I hadn’t realized, was that this was one play I had not, for some reason, transferred to a backup disk. So I spent Sunday afternoon finding all manner of lost or forgotten writing, including:

* Issues, my first attempt at a full-length comedy, heavy emphasis on Attempt.
* Plush Warfare, a truly terrible eight-line poem I wrote in high school about the social ramifications of Dodgeball.
* Scheduling Conflicts, a story I wrote under the influence of J.G. Ballard’s [1] postmodernism, which told a sordid tale of sex and murder using only one page each from the day planners of all characters involved.
* The original version of Cheshire Moon, a one-act play I began and then changed directions on without first saving the original, only to find that the revision was absolute tripe.
* The comic book script I wrote for my last place of employment, Publication Services, who had asked me to come up with an instructional brochure that explained how we could make a CD-ROM for Your Book. It involved a frazzled project manager, played by a lion, being led through the CD-ROM process by a bunch of other animals. And I would have thought that I couldn’t be more embarrassed than I was by Claud Braggart.

But, alas, no copies of Lower Temperatures. I’m greatly frustrated and a bit sad. So if anybody knows somebody with skill salvaging possibly burned-out PC drives, send them my way.

Also, if somebody could recommend a place to get cheap filing cabinets, it would be greatly appreciated.

[1] Ballard wrote a fascinating story called Answers to a Questionnaire, which was nothing more than a hundred answers to questions you never see, and yet within these answers you discover a fantastic tale of a man who assassinated somebody who most of the world believed was the Second Coming of Christ. Inspiring stuff, but not easily imitated, especially for an over-eager college writer.

Current music: Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan and Michael Brook, Night Song


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