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Happy mistake that some of my friends will hate me for.

So my girlfriend and I had resigned ourselves to the sad fate of not being able to have a copy of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix this weekend, as we couldn’t justify spending the money on it despite our assured enjoyment of the text. There was consideration of attending a release party tonight after we attend a showing of The Hulk, but it just wouldn’t be satisfying without a copy to take home (and besides which, girlfriend has a matinee performance of Triple Goddess to do the next day, so staying out in the burbs until 1 AM just isn’t a good plan).

I know that Danielle has been having trouble getting a copy reserved, as has John, who described the reaction of one bookseller as being “You need to get yourself a time machine, go back six months, and reserve it then.” John mentioned that he may challenge people to fights over the few walk-in copies available, and I don’t think he was half-joking.

Several weeks ago, my girlfriend made an online order for Harry Potter and for Eddie Izzard’s new show, Glorious, on DVD. After we determined that these were frivolous expenses that we didn’t need, she grudgingly canceled these orders.

Except, as we discovered today, she didn’t. Apparently, Glorious was canceled, but Harry was not. It’s arriving tomorrow at her place of work, and if you think we’re the sort of people who don’t go into work for any reason on a weekend, you haven’t been reading Harry Potter.

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This entry was posted on June 20, 2003 by in Books, Movies.
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