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Lies do not become us.

Have decided to, as Roland Orzabal once put it, “draw back the curtain and smile.” [1]From here on out, I will be using the real names of my friends, not hiding them behind only mostly-consistent nicknames. If anybody wishes to go back through the journal and try and piece things together, I’ll offer this woefully incomplete key, which includes at this point only those names I can remember–because I’m not going to go back through the journal and try to figure this all out. If there’s somebody else you want revealed, let me know.

Amelia = Amy
Jane = Jen
Herbie = Hobie
Tofu = Chris [2]
Brad = Brian
Girlfriend’s True Identity Deleted Per Her Request
Rick = Adam [3]

There. For good or ill, let all the masks fall away.

[1] Tears for Fears, Elemental, “Brian Wilson Said”

[2] This is a bit of a cheat, as Tofu is Chris’ real nickname, an evolved bastardization of “Christopher.” (Christopher –> Topher –> Toph –> Tofu.) In much the same way, BZ is the name most commonly used for Bryan Zvolanek.

[3] In most instances, I tried to keep the code name as close to the original as possible, so as to keep it straight in my head. However, on the day I first used Adam’s name, I blanked. I decided to use his father’s name, Rick, instead. (I’ve since realized that Edmund would have been a good one.)

Currenty music: MP3 list, Sarah McLachlan, “Dear God”


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