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In case anybody else was confused.

–Bilal thinks his life is so interesting that he can speak of it like a pile of Godiva chocolate that you will get only if you are good, although more likely most people would far prefer the chocolate to any of these stories. –Ed.

The above appeared at the bottom of my entry before last, in which I merely listed but did not go into the details of my previous weekend. I discovered last night, to equal parts amusement and chagrin, that my girlfriend hadn’t realized that this was my own postscript, applied in the format one finds in comic books and magazines when the Editor has a note to attach to the article or panel. She asked me who Ed was, and wondered why he’d hacked into my LJ simply to be mean to me. She genuinely felt bad for me, that I’d been attacked by an outside force. It was sweet of her to worry.

So in case anybody else felt concerned that I’d been slapped upside the head, no fear. The guy tossing deprecating commentary my way is, as has often been, nobody but me.

Current music: MP3 list, New Order, “Everyone Everywhere”


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This entry was posted on June 3, 2003 by in Writing.
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