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Behind the Music, Act One.

Caffoenix update

– Since the band’s inception, they have written four singles, one of which was inspired by a film the band went to go see, and which didn’t require my prodding. To be fair, “Heady Teddy” isn’t exactly burning up the charts, but it just means it’ll be filler on the album.

– The band was signed by Wills Thrills Records, which means the band doesn’t have to pay for recording fees and we don’t have to shop around for a producer. The label takes 6% of single profits, but the band keeps all touring income.

– Caffoenix attended a birthday party for German supermodel Jordung, at which she apparently made a typical drunken ass of herself, and the local tabloid bought the story from the band for a whopping 10,000 pounds.

– And guitarist Thecla Winch, sole female member and the baby of the group, apparently decided to take up something called “Yogic Bungee Jumping,” [1] which increased her guitar skills by 16% and, oddly, made her taller.

Current music: MP3 list, Tears for Fears, “Everybody Wants to Rule the World” [2]

[1] One shudders to think of the positions required of such an activity. No longer content with “Warrior Pose” and “Downward Facing Dog,” Ms. Winch may instead have mastered “Kamikaze Warrior Pose” and “Underdog.” [3]

[2] I may have mentioned this before, but this song, bar none, is my favorite one to come out of the entire 1980s decade. It was unfortunate, however, to hear it being used in a low-budget commercial for some sort of accounting or banking establishment on TV last night–especially since the lyrics weren’t there, just the instrumental, and I imagine that the irony of a financial institution using this song was lost on the advertisers.

[3] The cry goes out both far and near for Underdog.


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