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Press Release

Rolf Svennssenn, former manager of tragic music group One Hand Clapping, has started a new band, a four-piece rock outfit named Caffoenix. It features 41 year-old Martin Cutler on piano and vocals, 31 year-old Lincoln “Linc” Neill on drums, 31 year-old Colman Maini on bass, and 23 year-old newcomer Thecla Winch on lead guitar.

Cutler, the elder statesman of the group, is a veteran of two solo careers, the first as “Marv Cutler,” in the mid-eighties, and the second, more short-lived yet more lucrative stint as simply “Cutler,” in the early 1990s. This marks Cutler’s first work with a collaborative ensemble, and he “looks forward to the process and creativity to be found with these young people.”

Neill and Maini have worked together as studio musicians for nearly a decade, appearing with such bands as Butcher Paper and Jaundice, and most notably working on Julie Gunn’s critically-acclaimed 1997 album “Tip Tow.”

Thecla Winch is a new discovery by Svennssenn, found at an empty open-microphone event at a pub in her hometown of Haslemere. Winch had no comments of her own to offer, but Svennssenn says that people “should expect great things from this girl.”

Caffoenix is hard at work on their first single. [1]

[1] I should point out that I’m making many of these details up. The age and hometowns of these performers is provided, but I have made up their histories and other attributes. The game is not nearly as comprehensive as all that, but I find it enhances the experience to add these further shadings.

Current music: MP3 list, Sting, “Saint Augustine in Hell”


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