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Glow Ball Community.

Somebody going by the handle “dream_attack” has suddenly appeared on my friends list, and is also connected to two other LJ contacts of mine, Angela and Marc-Anthony, but as yet, I am unsure who he or she is. Their bio is entirely in French. They share several interests of mine, although the only one I currenty have written down is “movies”.

The last time this happened, I discovered that I had a reader in Canada.

Today, I also played a few games of online Couronne, which is a Mediterranean version of billiards, played with small wooden disks on a smooth board. One of these games was against (purportedly) a 15 year-old kid in Denmark.

Today, I played virtual Couronne with a boy in Denmark. Crazy.

Current music: MP3 list, Randy Newman, “Great Nations of Europe”

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This entry was posted on April 22, 2003 by in Games.
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