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Not bitter. Not bitter, I swear.

Just wanted to point out that if Dubya could have waited ten more minutes to get his war on–sorry, get his “disarmament” on–I wouldn’t have to read, rather than watch, the last ten minutes of last night’s nail-biting Angel. Wholly unsatisfying to lose the climax to something as ugly as news coverage.

Yes, it’s a sign of cultural brattiness to complain that I’m missing ten minutes of television in a world where men and women are dealing with decapitation strikes.

But I gotta ask–would it have hurt to have waited until Good Morning Miami? Or Boston Public? Or, as a public service, the next episode of Are You Hot?

At least UPN doesn’t have a news team, I suppose.

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This entry was posted on March 20, 2003 by in News of the World, Politics, Television.
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