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No more small time.

After much soul-searching and a sudden impulse this past Monday, I downloaded Limewire and have been sporadically pulling music off of other people’s computers. I have not, to this point, been a music downloader, not necessarily for reasons of ethics–the RIAA can go to hell, as far as I’m concerned–but for simple reasons of convenience and technological deficits. This during a week when a California legislator wants to give the entertainment industry the ability to hack into private computers to check for commercial music.

In other criminal news, I am THIS close to finishing Grand Theft Auto III, which is far too enjoyable a game to be allowed near impressionable young minds.

I’m crawling out of a writer’s block again. Ironically enough, I seem to have forgotten the many things I wanted to put in this journal entry.

Current music: Various, in Playlist on the computer, but currently–“Come What May,” from the “Moulin Rouge Soundtrack


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This entry was posted on July 26, 2002 by in Games, Music, Writing.
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