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Meant to mention this…today, John Gotti died in prison, thus immediately dating all T-shirts and speech glibly demanding “Lahdee dahdee, Free John Gotti.” [1]

As much as I enjoy the films of Martin Scorcese and the work of the men and women behind “The Sopranos,” I have to say that every time I hear news like this, I shrug my shoulders at best, breathe a silent “good riddance” at worst. The Mob make good romantic urban myths when held at arm’s length, but there are hundreds of people alive in the world today whose lives and whose loved one’s lives have been irrevocably ruined by the racketeers, and as such, I don’t have it my heart to forgive Gotti and his ilk. There are fundamental differences between terrorists and mobsters, but I feel strongly that both have been bad for New York City and elsewhere.

Normally, one tells the dead to Rest in Peace, but I choose to borrow a eulogy that the Kingpin, Marvel Comics’ uber-Mobster, once delivered over what he believed was the grave of Matt Murdock, aka Daredevil.

“Rot slowly.”

[1] “Listen up, punk: it’s the Fun Lovin’ Criminals.”


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This entry was posted on June 10, 2002 by in Comic Books, News of the World, Obituary.
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