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Our office email is under attack from some sort of virus that keeps sending us Spam-mail. I’ve been hitting the Delete button a lot this afternoon.

Earlier today, my weekend changed from Slightly Planned to Highly Planned, which put me in a state of stress and panic. What happened, in a nutshell, was that I was originally kicking back and going along with plans as they happened. Out of the blue, these plans were cancelled, other plans were proposed, and I became the organizer of this spontaneous Plan B. Further than that, a Plan for tomorrow night to watch the big-screen exploits of a certain friendly neighborhood web-slinger became a bit more complicated than I expected, with the addition of a fourth party and the uncertain responsibility of my sister to procure advance tickets. Everything went tipsy-torvy, and I found myself mere mental inches away from tearing my hair out–already a bad idea–and doing my Amadeus-style Tom Hulce impersonation.

Feeling only slightly better now, except that now the evening has been planned down to minutes and I’m going to freak out about not maintaining the itinerary. Just read a clever quotation, stating, to wit, that the downside to punctuality is that there’s nobody there to appreciate your accomplishment.

I need twenty hours to myself, at some point this month. These hours do not all have to be at once, but none of them may be work hours, or sleep hours. This is an arbitrary goal that I have simply made up. I will not count these hours or minutes, but if May ends and I have not had twenty hours to myself, somehow I will know, and the knowledge will drive me, as a certain psychotic Batman villain once said, absolute raving twisties.

Current music: Aimee Mann, “Bachelor No. 2”


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This entry was posted on May 3, 2002 by in Life, Movies.
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