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Miscellaneous Mental Musings of an Emerging Artist

Forced to come up with my own similes.

I was going to quote the title of a graphic novel I once read to describe my current state, but cannot remember the exact title. Comics aficionados, or constant browsers at the Downers Grove Public Library, please complete the following phrase: “The Days Just Pass Like…”

So, I need to think of some other way to describe this…

No! No I don’t! Just remembered. “The Days Pass By Like Broken Records.”

Well. That was anticlimactic. Anyway. That’s kinda how I feel right now, in a completely irrational fashion, because while I feel this, my calendar this week has something exciting and new planned for nearly every evening for the next week. In an hour and a half, I will be attending the first readthrough for the show I’m doing in June, tomorrow I’m auditioning for another show, Thursday I’m attending a reading for somebody else’s show…and yet somehow I feel like today is no different than yesterday, and that tomorrow will be no different than today. I wish I could explain it, but I can’t.

Getting a cellular phone, probably tomorrow, because it’s about time I got one. A friend mentioned the plan he got at Best Buy, and for my purposes, it sounds like a steal.

Part of the ennui, I think, is that I’m stuck, again, in that no-man’s land between writing and not writing…I have things in my head raring to go to the keyboard and screen, but my fingers won’t comply right now. On top of that, I have no desire at all to do my actual job-type-job. I find myself playing Bejeweled online for several minutes at a time, when I know better. (I wonder why this makes me more likely to write in my Live Journal, as I am doing right now.)

Today appears to be a Snap Out Of It day. Perhaps the events of the next few evenings will help. Perhaps not. Dammit, I’m doing it again.

Current music: XTC, “Wasp Star”


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This entry was posted on April 23, 2002 by in Life, Writing.
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