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Miscellaneous Mental Musings of an Emerging Artist

Seven Eventual Events.

Without my realizing it, this has turned out to be an Eventful Week, even moreso than I had previously expected. And it’s only Wednesday.

1. There are Wizards looming on the horizon. Wizards. Friday night. I’m tickled with joy.

2. Tomorrow is the year-and-ten-month-mark for my thriving romantic relationship. A long time for a relationship, a short time when compared to the rest of one’s life, but that’s another event for another day.

3. My sister moved into her new apartment. This must be visited at some point in the future, although I’m not sure when.

4. Today is Chris Muno’s birthday. Many congratulations on beginning your quarter-centurial year, Tofu.

5. There is no Taliban in Kabul. There is no Taliban in Kabul. There is no…Taliban…in Kabul.

6. Congratulations also to Candelaria “Cat” Malmgren and Brian “Edge” Edgerton, who decided earlier this week to announce to each other and the world that they are engaged to be married. I wonder if they’re picking out nicknames for their children yet.

7. Got a call from Stage Left Theater, who wants me to come in for an audition for “The Good Woman of Szechuan”. Must reply to them to express interest (“Let me think about it yes.”) and then prepare a monologue.

In the midst of all this, I am also working towards finishing or initiating big projects, including the completion of the rough draft of my first full-length play, a short-short story being written for a contest entry (my first real prose fiction in years), GRE studying and test setup, and MA applications to Northwestern.

In the midst of all that, bills are bleeding my funds dry, and I’m on the verge of panic. I need either a new job or a supplemental income, or I need to fake my own death and establish a new identity. There are few other options.

My girlfriend has made it pretty clear this week that she’s genuinely nonplussed about my maintenance of a Live Journal. While I have fewer privacy issues than her (writers are by nature exhibitionists), part of what makes me consider abandoning the LJ is that I have a fabulous, leather-bound journal that I received for my birthday, and as long as I have the LJ, I don’t write anything in the paper journal, because (a) I prefer typing to handwriting, and (b) by the time I get to the journal, my thoughts are in the LJ, and I hate, hate, HATE repeating myself.

On the other hand, besides being an easily-obscured distraction from work, the Live Journal is one of the few ways I’m able to let my journal-reading real-life friends–well, both of you–know how I’m doing. In some ways, it’s more efficient than email. In some ways, it’s also less personable, but if I were really truly committed to being personable, I’d find more ways to see Alfred and Danielle.

Things to think about. When I have time. Until then, little Live Journal, I will mak use of you.


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