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Doo doo, da-doo doo. Phenomenon! Doo doo doo doo. Phenomenon!

Doo doo, da-doodoo, da-doodoo, da-doodoo, da-doo da-doo da-doo doo doodoodoo.

Well, lo and behold, the phenomenon was present. Despite politics and weariness and all sorts of nasty things, the show went off last night incredibly well. Really, I would have been satisfied simply with positive audience response–which we received–but we also had a great vibe going on within the cast. Much is forgiven, if not necessarily forgotten, and I don’t think a one among us doesn’t wish we could do it one more time.

Saw many friends in the crowd and was happy to hear their laughter. Was also happy to take their suggestions (although my friend Greg and I will have words about “guarded optimism”).

So thanks to them for coming.

But, that being over, I now must focus on the Too Much Light callback. Finally realized that I do not have to dance for my callback audition, but merely do more than stand still. As such, I have a good one lined up that i must now rehearse and memorize by Wednesday. I think I will be fine. I have a good feeling about my supplementary writing samples as well. Viewing the show on Friday night was a HUGE help, it showed me what I was doing wrong and what I needed to consider. The Neo-Futurist manifesto is very clear on what they want to give to their audience, and that’s a big help; it gives me parameters.

Saw “Spy Kids” on Saturday night, and enjoyed it quite a bit. Alan Cumming continues to come close to impressing me, but not quite, although I do like him quite a bit. Antonio Banderas continues to impress me; his range is incredible. I am also impressed that anybody could come up with an army of henchman built out of giant thumbs and that Robert Rodriguez could bring them to life so deftly.

Random thought day. Listening to the Gorillaz disc at work, and realizing two things:

1) I like Damon Albarn as the frontman for Blur, but he’s a hundred times more interesting as the mastermind behind the Gorillaz.
2) You can make almost anything mundane sound great in a foreign language. [1]

[1] Track 12, featuring Buena Vista Social Club’s fantastic Ibrahim Ferrer, is titled “Latin Simone” and is subtitled with the chorus, “Que Pasa Contigo”. When Ferrer sings “Que pasa contigo, que pasa contigo mi hermano, que pasa contiiiiigooooo,” it sounds infinitely more dynamic than hearing somebody say “What happened with you, what happened with you my brother, what happened wiiiiith yooooou?”


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