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Another year older and deeper in debt.

First of all, a great and gracious thanks to all who were able to make it out to Addison last Saturday to wish me congratulations for surviving another year in this crazy, mixed-up world. Suffice to say that having friends like you is the reason I keep going from birthday to birthday in the first place.

Also, an apology to my roommates, who I inadvertently forgot to tell that they were invited. (I hadn’t seen them since the Wednesday previous, and I don’t know their email addresses.)

I continued to scare Cubby with my proficiency at the arcade game “Silent Scope.” It did not seem to comfort him much that my ability with a sniper rifle was not an accurate representation of how I’d do with an actual rifle, being that the game’s model is missing weight, recoil, and a slew of other things that would greatly destroy my performance. Of course, Cubby also found it a little creepy that I knew that.

My managing editor gets married next week, and is departing on her honeymoon soon after, which means I have to man the fort for a few weeks. Not sure if I’m ready for it, but I’ll certainly try.

In the news this morning, the Sun-Times repeats the Taliban’s statement that they have “lost” Osama bin Laden. Somehow, this makes me really ticked off…just how stupid do they think the United States is? Did bin Laden tell the Taliban to “look over there” and then jump out the window? How do you “lose” somebody you said you were keeping close tabs on?

Argh. Still frozen in world politics.


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