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Photos of Starving Children Sell Records.

The above is an album title for a band, but I cannot remember who the band is, although I suspect it’s Chumbawumba, who may get knocked down, but get up again, because you’re never gonna keep them down.

I find myself in this cynical frame of mind because I am currently in the process of helping produce a book at work that fills me with some small distaste. My company made a small mint last year selling an instant book on the life and fiery death of racecar driver Dale Earnhardt, which we then funneled into a collectible hardcover and which another company, who we sold the rights to, made an audio book of. (Since the book was primarily photographs, I wondered what the point was.)

At the moment, we are redesigning the collectible hardcover into a package for the Young Reader set. As such, we are making the cover colorful, the text bigger, the design more eye-catching and–oh, yeah–removing much of the text that discusses the fact that he DIED IN A TERRIBLE CAR WRECK.

Human tragedy, sanitized for kids. I find myself barely able to contain my horror. I wait for the series of historical books that talk about the majesty of the Hindenburg and leave off that inconvenient cautionary tale about why it is that hydrogen and fire do not mix; or neglect to point out that JFK had his head blown off.

Even more bitter, though, because this project takes time away that I could better spend misusing company time for my own writing endeavors.


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This entry was posted on August 13, 2001 by in Work.
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