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Tyrannosaurus Wrecks.

Last week, the CTA made the disastrous error of allowing two of its elevated trains to collide, which, had they been thinking more clearly, could have been avoided simply by doing that thing where they don’t collide.

Yes, I’m a bit goofy today.

My girlfriend, who rides the Brown or Purple lines to work, was given a free CTA pass as she walked into the station, as a mea culpa for this injurious debacle, which she was not involved in, thank God, but which she could have been, since the trains that collided were Brown and Purple.

I take the Red Line to work. Since the Red Line was fortunate enough not to collide with anything last week, I got squat from the CTA. Life is so unfair.

Of course, earlier this week there was a HAZMAT truck spill on the Dan Ryan expressway, which the Red Line passes under. Red Line passengers were not allowed to continue on the southbound train past Roosevelt, since the city feared exposing passengers to the spill above. (Their drivers, however, had to go further in order to turn their trains around. I wonder if they’re being compensated adequately.)

I get off at Harrison, just a few stops north of Roosevelt. Still, I damn well better get a free pass next week.

And speaking of wrecks, my body apparently is one, despite–or perhaps being revealed by–my recent attempts to get Back Into Shape. I’ve long had a chronic condition in which I’m awoken in the middle of the night by a wrenching, terrible cramp in my lower leg caused by my lower leg muscles tightening to their absolute limit, and it pains me for the next day or so. My girlfriend thinks it might be a lack of vitamins, or the fact that I neglect to stretch. She suggests yoga, and I agree with her.

I cannot touch my toes, although I should be able to, or so I’m told. Maybe I just have stubby arms, like a T-Rex? i doubt that monstrosity ever got told that his body was a wreck.

Of course, maybe if he’d been told more often, he wouldn’t be extinct now.

I already said I’m goofy today.


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This entry was posted on August 10, 2001 by in Chicago.
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