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The Center of All Cheesy Goodness, Part I.

Today I start discussing my weekend in Wild Wild Wisconsin, where I braved a shallow river in a large blue raft, slept in the first motel room that I could safely describe as “seedy,” and wandered the aisles of the largest concentrated cheese outlet store in the state.I’d love to actually finish talking about it, but I must leave in a few short minutes to procure money and meet friends, significant others, and significant other’s brother to see, at last, “Moulin Rouge”. Having heard “Lady Marmalade” twice on the six-hour trips to and from the Wild Wolf Inn, I’m rather antsy.

Actually, I’m not sure I’ll talk about my trip in today’s entry at all. For now I’ll say, I had a great time, very relaxing, very punishing in a good and a bad way, and altogether a great experience that I hope to have again someday.

And I’ll talk more about it tomorrow. (Or, maybe, tonight before I hit the sack.)


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This entry was posted on July 2, 2001 by in Life, Love.
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