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The Ubiquitous Peter Krause!

Had an interesting last-night; in which I reconnected with an old and dear friend over excellent sushi (wa-SABE!) and a cherry gelato. A lot of catching up was done from both sides, a lot of news about mutual acquaintances, an occurrence that can be called sweetbitter, as it was much more of the former than the latter. And the bitterness is mostly irrational.

My friend and I lost touch amid the discomforts of her personal relationship with a fellow who, I’ve discovered, has turned out to be a violent, obsessive, and eminently loathable tool, and my bitterness comes from the fact that, had our contact been what it once was, I would have been in a better position to give aforementioned tool a piece of my mind.

But while I’m upset that she had to go through several months of general relationship badness, I’m very happy that she got herself out of there, clean-break style. And, consequently of that, I’m glad she’s back in contact.

Now, as she rebuilds her social life, I desperately would like to figure out the best way of slowly assimilating her into the Venn diagram of friend circles I populate. I think it’ll be fine, but I get anxious even when I have no reason to.

Came home last night and stayed up long enough to watch Peter Krause in not one, but two series–the first being HBO’s “Six Feet Under,” which I have not seen a single full episode of but would genuinely like to based in part on the little I saw–Alan Ball–Oscar-stealing scriptwriter1 of “American Beauty” being the creator–and a rerun of “Sports Night” on Comedy Central. Why a sudden onslaught of Peter Krause performances, I do not know, but the same thing happened awhile back with his “Sports Night” costar Josh Charles, when, within the course of a week, I saw him on “Sports Night,” as a younger man in “Dead Poets Society,'” and as a shady CIA spook in “Muppets from Space” (at which I sat chuckling as Miss Piggy beat the ever-loving crap out of him, wondering how Dan would explain such humiliation to Casey.)

The record for this sort of thing, in reality, goes to Richard Belzer, who not only appeared in three different series within the same week–“Law and Order,” “Homicide,” and “The X-Files,”–but as the SAME CHARACTER, the always-entertaining Detective John Munch.

In any case. Peter Krause is a bit of an anomaly to me, as he has that breeding-stock WASPish Craig Kilborn look that normally makes me uneasy (and when Kilby speaks, it contributes to a desire to smack him across the face, back and forth, for no fewer than five minutes); but somehow, the Krause mystique of playing straight-arrow characters that are simultaneously in control and out of their league in oddly surreal environments appeals him to me.

Contrary to expectations, Krause did not show up in any dreams I had last night.

For anybody wondering, neither did Helena Bonham Carter.

Am going rafting this weekend. Looking forward to surviving the experience, as would not like to be one of those people who dies on rafting trips. Not an ambition of mine, sorry.

1 Alan Ball wrote a hell of a good script, but it was, indeed, robbery, since far and away the Best Script that year was Charlie Kaufman’s for “Being John Malkovich,” the most original film I’ve seen in years.2

2This footnote method is one that I’ve always liked, leftover from USEnet posting days.3

3 Hey! A myriad of footnotes! Now I really AM channeling David Foster Wallace!4

4 Ooh! Name-dropping again!5

5 Curiously, I wonder why I only consider it name-dropping when I mention David Foster Wallace.4


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