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Miscellaneous Mental Musings of an Emerging Artist

Transportation Issues.

I should not have biked to work today, even though the exercise is good for me, and I like biking. However, the way my evening is going, I would be much better served if I were not at the mercy of biking in the city. For starters, I was originally meant to meet my sister in the city sometime in the next hour, but as she has not yet called and told me where, I can no longer make it home and still make it to my seven o’clock meeting while on the bicycle. I could, in theory, bike up to my apartment and catch a train to my meeting, but in reality I am stuck here at work until at least six PM, as I need to make photocopies of things I am reading at the meeting tonight, and because my girlfriend is missing on trains somewhere. I am staying here so she can call me, if she has to, which she might.

Long day.

After yesterday’s entry, I decided to reconnect with one of the aforementioned people who I had lost touch with. I got back a welcoming response, and now it is up to me to follow up with phone calls and the like. This time, I think I am strong enough to maintain communication. What an odd thought…that communication is a chore. It would seem to me that isolation would be harder. Then again, sometime it isn’t.

Several years late, I have discovered Poe’s wonderful album “Hello,” and have been listening to it at various times all day. There’s a certain satisfaction to discovering music on your own; which includes music that was given airplay and whatnot. If you don’t swallow it when the radio force-feeds it to you, but you find it later and decide you like it, I consider that a discovery.

Very little to add. Not overly thoughtful, just tired. Cannot wait to go home tonight.

But must, unfortunately. Sigh.


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This entry was posted on June 20, 2001 by in Life.
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