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Oh God. I’m an old SNL sketch.

Summer hours at work this week! (And, indeed, every week this summer, as is the nature of the term “summer hours.”) I spend an extra hour at work Monday through Thursday and leave at 1:30 on Friday, which gives me time to go do many many Friday-afternoon-type things.

Although it also means that I must quickly update my journal, as I tend not to be on the Web outside of work.

Spent the half day making copies, and noted, for the hundredth time, that I am both the Rob Schneider character and the various other cast members in the SNL “Richard sketch”. I bring the pages over to the Great Lord Xerox and mumble to myself “Makin’ copieeeees. Cop-o-rama. The Bilalmeister feeding documentolas into the machinerino!”

And part of me thinks, hell, I’m worth more than that, aren’t I? Couldn’t I at least be more like the third run of “Goat Boy” or any number of “Celebrity Jeopardy!” parodies? Why am I Rob Schneider when I’d much rather be Darrell Hammond?

(“Being Darrell Hammond,” of course, would have been the name of the movie if Spike Jonze and Michael Stipe hadn’t been able to convince John Malkovich to do the movie.)

I have a half hour train ride to the suburbs of Chicago in awhile, and I need something to read; which means I’ll likely pull something off the office shelf (I work for a publishing company, he wrote, adding credence to his theory that this is only being written for the viewing of other people.)

Awful lot of parentheticals this entry. (If I were David Foster Wallace, these would instead be footnotes. Oooh. Name-dropping.)


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This entry was posted on June 15, 2001 by in Life, Work.
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